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Aggressor Adventure Travel
Welcome to Sudan - February to October (Starting September 2020)

Sudan & Djibouti

Diving Details:
  • Hammerheads, dolphin, manta Rrays, abundant reef fish life, wrecks.

  • All dives from 2 tenders that carry 10 divers each for quick access.

  • Water temperature:
    74 - 84F, 23 - 29C.

  • Up to 4 dives per day, night diving when available. Dives depend on itinerary and area.

  • 3mm wetsuit recommended in the summer and 5mm wetsuit in the winter.

  • Number of Tenders:2

  • Length: (2) 8 ft. x 21 ft, 6 x 16 ft.
Diving is done from the tenders throughout the week. Some dives will be from the yacht.


The Arabian Aggressor Offers These Itineraries:

February to June and September to October:
Sudan - North and South Itineraries (7 nights)  & Sudan - Deep South (10 & 11 nights)

Learn More About  Sudan
Sudan is a vast area and  known for large reefs, lagoons and pinnacles, pristine coral and walls, schools of hammerhead sharks, grey sharks, white tip sharks, tuna, jacks and barracudas, lots of manta rays and wrecks.  Sudan is the largest country in Africa and bordered by Egypt to the north, the Red Sea to the northwest. The warm, crystal clear water of Sudan offers immense variety with over 400 species of coral and 1500 species of fish, turtles and sharks. It may be best known for seeing large schools of hammerhead sharks along with many other species of sharks and large schools of fish. It has one of the best preserved World War II wrecks in the Red Sea, the Umbria which is 500 feet long and lies on its port side in water that ranges from 15 to 155 ft deep. The freighter was built in 1912 in Hamburg, Germany and sold to Italy. In 1940, the captain was so determined to not let the British Navy overtake it in Port Sudan that the Captain gave orders to sink it due to its precious cargo of 360,000 aircraft bombs, ammunition and other supplies. Today you can also see hundreds of wine bottles aboard. 
From February to October, 7 night itineraries are offered either to the north, south or 10 and 11 nights to the deep south. 

The ARABIAN AGGRESSOR operates from Port Sudan.

Itineraries Offered: 
View the rates and schedule.

Getting There, Passports & Visa Documentation: 
The Port Sudan New International Airport (PZU) is located approximately 10 minutes from the port.

Visitors must have a current passport, adequate funds to support themselves, and a return airline ticket. US citizens require a passport that must be valid for 6 months from date of entry. It is the travelers’ responsibility to ensure they have the proper visa to travel into each country on his or her itinerary as well as for re-entry and return to their country. Since regulations vary by country, contact your consulate or embassy of your country for the requirement.

Travel Advisory: We are unable to accept reservations from guests traveling on an Israeli passport due to Sudan maritime regulations. There is a risk that when the Port Authority is clearing the ARABIAN AGGRESSOR to depart Port Sudan on the charter, travel may be delayed and/or denied by the authorities for these individuals.

Immunizations: It is your responsibility to review and meet the vaccination requirements for the countries you are visiting.

Minimum Age For Diving: The minimum age to scuba dive in Sudan is 15 years of age.

Dive Accident Insurance: It is mandatory for everyone who dives to have dive accident insurance which includes medical evacuation. All information should be included in your record when completing the GIS (Guest Information System).

Airport transfers can be arranged for you if arriving and departing from the Port Sudan New International Airport (PZU) on the charter start/end dates to and from the yacht. Guests will be met and transfered to the yacht. Guests may board the yacht Friday afternoon anytime between 3 pm - 6 pm and throughout the evening. The yacht will depart the dock early Saturday morning after the Port Authorities have checked all guests passports. After clearance is given, no one can board the boat.

After a full week of scuba diving the yacht returns Thursday afternoon between 2 - 4 pm. Thursday evening after the sunset cocktail party, guests may go ashore and dinner. Check-out is Friday morning at 8 am.

There is a registration/visa for all non-USA citizens of USD $235, for USA citizens it is $285.per person, a tourism tax of $10 per day and a port/park fee of $150 per person. The tourism tax, port/park fees are paid onboard the yacht and may be paid by Visa, Mastercard, or cash.

Facts About Sudan

The Sudan Government forbids international tourists from carrying drone aircraft into the country. If you do enter with a drone aircraft, the Government warns they will confiscate the drone. Alcohol is forbidden to be imported.