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Red Sea Dive Sites
Dive Sites of North Sudan, South Sudan & Sudan Deep South

There are 3 Dive itineraries: Sudan - North, Sudan - South & Sudan Deep South
The dive sites and sample itineraries below are subject to changes based on weather conditions and are at the descretion of the Captain.

SUDAN - NORTH (7-Nights)

Red Sea Dive Itinerary MapThe Sudan - North itinerary has large reefs, lagoons and pinnacles exposed to the open sea. The diving in this area offers beautiful corals and walls with hammerhead sharks, grey sharks, white tip, Longimanus, manta rays, large tuna, jacks and barracuda. The areas you have the option to visit are: Abington, Angarosh, Merlo Reef and Qita el Banna that are reefs emerging from the water depths. These dive areas are rarely visited and guarantee an exceptional amount of fish, beautiful coral reefs and sharks. The island of Mesharifa is surrounded by shallow water and is protected by two reefs where you may see large groups of manta rays. During the week you may also get to visit visit Mayetib (Snake’s Island) and fantastic beaches for bird watching.

PERIOD: from September to November/March to June. Manta Rays are seen from September to November.

DIVE AREAS: Umbria, Sanganeb, Shab Rumi, Qita el Banna, Abinton, Angarosh, Merlo, Mesharifa Islandrn


SUDAN - SOUTH (7-Nights)

During this itinerary besides to dive the classic sites like Umbria, Shab Rumi and Sanganeb is possible to see the Southern reefs of Suakin Archipelago, taking the name from the old Port constructed by coral blocks. During this week you can encounter a huge school of hammerhead sharks. Every night the boat will be in the Shab Ambar Lagoon (the only safety place) often you can be escorted into the lagoon by dolphins. From here there are numerous sites that you can visit on daily base: Jumna, Pinnacle, kery reef, Shaab Ambar etc.rn


SUDAN - DEEP SOUTH (10-Nights and 11-Nights)

This special adventure travels to the far South of Sudan, on the border with Eritrean waters. This itinerary will offer areas that are still unknown and virgin areas like;  Dahrat Abid (last island before Eritrea) Darraka Island (where Jacque Cousteau visited) Dahrat Qab and Karan Masamirit. During these adventures you will see multiple species of sharks, manta rays, large schools of fish, turtles and schooling hammerhead sharks.  Expect the unexpected!