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Belize Aggressor
Aggressor Liveaboard Articles
The Fleet

Suba Diver (USA)
2018 Liveaboard Special Edition
Action Diver (USA)
by Brandt Coleman
Wayne Brown InterviewRevista Aqua (Spain)Big Animal EncountersSportsDiving (USA)
Unterwasser (Germany)
by Nina Zschiesche

Scuba Diving Top 100 (USA)Unterwasser Scuba Guide 2015 Unterwasser (Germany)
2015 Scuba Guide by Nina Zschiesche
2014 Divers Top 100 Scuba Diving Top 100 (USA) 
Scuba Diving Top 100 (USA)

Sports Diver (USA)
2016 Worlds Best
Bahamas - ScubaSportScubaSport Magazine (USA)
Story and Photos by Joe Froelich
SportDiver (USA)
by Michelle Westmorland
Bahamas-GermanLagona Travel (Germany)
by Sara Edison
Bahamas-Warm-upSportsDiving (USA)

Bahamas, Tiger Beach
Bahamas-Tiger Beach - SportDivingSportDiving Magazine (USA)
by Glenn Cowans/Souise Stazzonelli
Thailand-EZDiverEZ Dive (China/USA)
by Glen Cowans/Louise Stazzonelli
Belize - Unterwasser (German)Unterwasser (German)
by Michele Westmorland
Belize - Ultimate Depth (Russsia)Ultimate Depth (Russia) Belize - Korean Dive MagazineKorean Dive Magazine
by Eddy (oh-yong) Sung
Belize-ScubaDiverScubaDiver (USA)
by Brooke Morton
Sport Diver (USA)
by Rebecca Strauss 
Marie Davies, photos Jay Roberts
Belize-SportDiverSport Diver (USA)
by Tara Bradley
Caño Island
Cano IslandDiver Magazine (Canada)

Cayman Islands
Diver Magazine (UK)
By Drew McArthur
Unterwasser Magazine (German)
By Scott Johnson
Blue Caribbean Magazine
By Solomon Baksh
Cayman-Big Blue Magazine, PolandThe Big Blue (Poland)
By M.Popienia & D.Sepiolo
Cocos Island, Costa Rica
Cocos Island - Unterwasser 2017Unterwasser (German)
Text & Photos: Michele Westmorland
Cocos Island - SportDiver Mag 2016SportDiver (USA)
by Mary Frances Emmons
Cocos Island - Diver MagazineDiver (USA)
by Marie Davies
Cocos Night DivesScubaDiver (USA)
by Travis Marshall
Subaqua (France)
by Ludovic Savariello
Cocos Island Revista Aqua (Spain)
by Charo Gertrudix/Felipe Barrio
Scuba Zone - CocosScuba Zone (Italy)
by Sabrina Belloni, Franco Banfi
Cocos Island - Blue MagazineBlue (USA)
by Solomon Baksh
Cocos-SpainBuceadores (Spain)
Onditz Calparsoro/Carlos Villoch
Cocos - Korea Dive MagazineKorean Dive Magazine (Korea)
by Eddy (oh-yong) Sung
Cocos-ItalyIl Subacqueo (Italy)
by Franco Banfi
Nautica (Italy)
by Franco Banfi
Cocos-SwedenNZZ am Sonntag (Switzerland)
by Manuel Meyer
Cocos-KoreanUltimate Depth (Russia)Cocos-ScubaDiverScubaDiver (USA)
Story & Photos by Scott Johnson 
EZ Dive (China/USA)
by Glen Cowans, Louise Stazzonelli 
Cuba Travel Program
Cuba-UnterwasserUnterwasser (Germany)
Text/Photos: Michele Westmorland
Cuba-BuceadoresBuceadores (Spain)
Text/Photos: Michele Westmorland
Dominican Republic
Dominican-Turks & Caicos AggressorUnterwasser (Germany)
By Scott Johnson & Jorg Neisser
Dominican-Turks & Caicos AggressorScubaSport
By Michael Lawrence
Dominican GiantsScubaDiver (USA)
by Terry Ward
Dominican-Turks & Caicos AggressorSilent World (Germany)
By Manuela Kirschner
Scuba Diving (USA)
By David Espinosa
Unterwasser (Germany)
by Harald Hois
Galapagos Islands      
Galapagos-EZDive-2018Diver Magazine (USA)
by Steve Jones
Galapagos-EZDive-2018Unterwasser (Germany)
by Steve Jones
Galapagos-EZDive-2018EZDive (Asia)
by Steve Jones
Galapagos-BlueTravel-2017SportDiving (Australia)
Glen Cowans/Louise Stazzonelli
Galapagos-SportsDiverMag-2016SportDiving (Australia)
Glen Cowans/Louise Stazzonelli
Subaqua (French)
by Ludovic Savariello
Ultimate Depth (English)
by Scott Johnson
Galapagos-Scuba Diver-2018ScubaDiving (USA)
by Brandon Cole
Ultimate Depth (Russia)
by Scott Johnson
Galapagos - GermanUnterwasser (Germany)
by Harald Hois
Galapagos - Korean Dive MagazineUndersea Travel (Korea)
by Eddy (oh-yong) Sung
SportsDiving (USA)
by David Espinosa
Kona, Hawaii              
Ultimate Depth (Russia)

Scuba Board
by Brandi Mueller
MaldivesUndersea Traveler (S. Korea)
Story & Photos by Eddy Sung
EZ Dive (China)
by Tim Rock
Komodo National Park
Dive Training
by Scott Johnson
Sport Diver (USA)
by Scott Johnson
Ultimate Depth (Russia)
Photos by Scott Johnson
Komodo-DiveNetDiveNet.com (USA)
Story & Photos by Marie Davies
Diver Magazine (USA)
Marie Davies
Scuba Diver (USA)
Mary Frances Emmons
EZDive  (Chinese/English)
Scott Johnson
Palau, Micronesia       
Ultimate Depth (Russia)

Palau-ScubaDiver, AustralasiaScubaDiver (Australasia)
by Scott Johnson
Buceadores (Spain)
by Felipe Barrio
aQua (Spain)
by Felipe Barrio, Charo Gertrudix
Undersea Traveler (South Korea) Story & Photos by Eddy SungUndersea Traveler (South Korea)
Story & Photos by Eddy Sung
Raja Ampat
 Raja Ampat, ScubaDiverScuba Diver (Australasia)
by Wayne Brown
Raja Ampat, Utterwasser 2016Utterwasser (German)

Raja Ampat, Ultimate DepthUltimate Depth (Russian)
by Wayne Brown
Raja Ampat, Buceadores MagazineBuceadores (Spain)
by Wayne Brown 
Red Sea
Red Sea (Russian)Ultimate Depth (Russia)Red Sea (German)Unterwasser (German)
by Michelle Westmoreland
Sport Diver (UK)
by Mark Evans
Red Sea - DeeperBlueDeeperBlue.com (USA)
by Mark Evans
Red Sea (German)Aquanaut (German)
Michelle Westmoreland & Harald Mielke
Depth Magazine (USA)
by Richard Aspinall
SUBAQUA Magazine (France)
by Ludovic Savariel
Mergulho-Red SeaMergulho (Brazil)
Text & Photos by Ivan Cavas
Red Sea - RussianUltimate Depth (Russia)Red Sea-DiveDiver Magazine (USA)
by Michele Westmoreland
Alert Diver
by Stephen Frink
Scuba Diving Magazine
By Mary Frances Emmons
Thailand - Korean Dive MagazineKorean Dive Magazine
by Eddy (oh-yong) Sung
Thailand-SportDiving Mag SportDiving (Australia)
Glen Cowans/Louise Stazzonelli
EZ Dive (China)
by Glen Cowans, Louise Stazzonelli
Thailand-unterwasserUnterwasser (Germany)
Text & Photos by Scott Johnson
Thailand - RussianUltimate Depth (Russia)Underwater Photography
Story & Photos Chris Mitchell
Turks & Caicos           
Turks & Caicos-Australaisa MagazineAustrailAisa Magazine
Text & Photos by Amanda Smith
Turks & Caicos-XRay MagazineXRay Magazine
by Scott Johnson
EZ Dive (China)
by Glen Cowans, Louise Stazzonelli
Turks & CaicosScubaDiver (USA)
by Scott Johnson
Turks & Caicos - RussianUltimate Depth (Russia)
Korean Undersea Magazine
by Eddy Oh-Yong Sung