01/2019 - Oman Aggressor: "I had a fantastic week. Boat staff did all they could to make it so, from the guys on the dive deck, the stewards and chefs through to the dive guides, all were extremely helpful and friendly and went out of their way to look after the guests."     
-- Kathryn F. , United Kingdom

12/2019 - Oman Aggressor: "The ship and the crew were fantastic. The service was the best I have ever had. A big praise! "     
-- Elke B. , Germany

12/2019 - Oman Aggressor: "The most spacious and comfortable liveaboards I have even been on board. All the staff were very helpful. "     
-- Makoto B. , Philippines

12/2019 - Oman Aggressor: "Superb staff, surprising diving. Above expectation."     
-- Nele V. , Belgium

12/2019 - Oman Aggressor: "The crew was very friendly and the service was excellent. I felt safe diving with the cruise director and dive guides."     
-- Pieter K. , Belgium