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Aggressor Adventure Travel

Green The Fleet®

Green the Fleet® strives to make the liveaboard lifestyle environmentally sustainable for divers and the health of our oceans. Aggressor Liveaboards® recognize the urgent plight of our oceans and works to combine both excellent service with environmental awareness, actions, and stewardship. All Captains’ briefings welcoming guests aboard their yacht include information about our environmental initiatives, conserving water, and respectful interactions with marine life. New sustainability initiatives will build on existing green operations already in place across the fleet.

For Example:

To increase environmental sustainability, Green the Fleet® will work towards eliminating single-use plastics from all Aggressor yachts beginning with plastic straws, cups, and utensils; and single-use plastic water bottles will be phased out and replaced with stainless steel, reusable water bottles. Yachts that don’t already use non-toxic, biodegradable cleaners will begin to switch to ones that are, and where available, LED lighting will also be phased in. Guests can expect welcome gifts that are more environmentally friendly such as Aggressor Liveaboards® luggage tags made from natural materials instead of plastics and plastic-free or recycled packaging. To further help protect the coral reefs, Aggressor’s Green the Fleet® initiative will provide Stream2Sea coral-safe sunscreen and shampoo for divers.