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Daymaniyat Islands

The Daymaniyat Islands are the jewels for diving in the Gulf of Oman. This string of small, rocky islands north of Muscat are encircled with awesome coral reefs down to 100 feet/30 m and tons of fish. Coral reefs cover up to 70% of the dive sites seabed with more than 100 different species of soft and hard coral of which no less than 10% are unique to Oman’s waters. Marine life is abundant with 280 different species of fish, varying from sting rays, turtles, moray eels, leopard sharks whale shark. Green sea turtles & hawksbill turtles are common residents of the Daymaniyat Islands. Bottlenose dolphins, spinner dolphins and sometimes humpback whales can be encountered rarely. The islands are a nature reserve and an important turtle nesting site as well as a sanctuary for migrating birds.

Aquarium - The Pearl of the Daymaniyat Islands where you can see everything. Fish in their thousands; schools of jacks, snappers, batfish, barracuda, red-toothed triggerfish. The variety of species is large; huge stingrays and eagle rays, turtles, leopard sharks, endless moray eels, scorpion fish, seahorses and numerous nudibranchs, cuttlefish, squid, and whale sharks can be seen.

Daymaniyat - 3 Sisters - Abundant soft corals, stingrays, moray eels, turtles, mola mola and sometimes leopard sharks pass by.

Daymaniyat - Garden of Eden - An idyllic landscape with huge blocks spangled with soft orange, purple and yellow soft corals.
Daymaniyat - June – Table corals, soft corals, colorful fish in the thousands

Daymaniyat - Tito's Run - Shallow coral gardens where turtles and leopard sharks are often encountered.

Daymaniyat - Hayut - A wall sloping down to 65 feet / 20 m and a very good drift dive.  Honeycomb moray eels, stingrays, lion fish, turtles and barracuda are often seen.

Visibility: 49 – 100 feet / 15 – 30 m
Depth: 32 – 100 feet / 10 – 30 m
Current: gentle to moderate
Water Temperature: 80 F / 27 C
Note: Thermocline below 32 feet / 10 m - Temperature drops down to 75 F / 24 C

Bandar Khayran - more than 15 dive sites are located within a series of coves and bays southeast of Muscat. Bandar Khayran offers a variety of different dive sites, from shallow coral reefs and swim-throughs to drop offs 100ft/30m. Spectacular soft coral (yellow and purple) and hard corals, giant honeycomb moray eels entangled through the reef, lobsters lurking from beneath rocks, large sting rays laying covered in the sand, turtles and nudibranchs resting among the reef, pipe fish, and schools of fish in their thousands prowl around.

Visibility: up to 100 feet / 15 – 30 m
Depth: 32 – 100 feet / 10 – 30 m
Current: gentle
Water Temperature: 84 F / 29 C
Note: Thermocline below 32 feet / 10 m - Temperature drops down to 75 F / 24 C

Al Munnassir – Wreck - the Royal Navy of Oman sunk this 3000 ton vessel (276ft/84m) in 2003 as an artificial reef; she lies upright on the bottom in about 100ft/30m. Fish in the  thousands prowl around; giant morays and grouper, large schools of snapper and goatfish as well as turtles and rays all now call this wreck home.

Visibility: 49 – 100 feet / 15 – 30 m
Depth: 19 – 100 feet / 6 – 30 m
Current: gentle
Water Temperature: 84 F / 29 C
Note: Thermocline below 32 feet / 10 m - Temperature is dropping down to 75 F / 24 C
Fahal Island – One side of the iland is a rocky wall with broccoli soft coral and the other has a huge coral garden where turtles, eagle rays are seen and whale sharks during season.

Hallaniyat Islands are located off thesouth eastern coast of Oman. The islands are the paradise of untouched dive sites and home to pristine corals, wrecksand whales. New dive sites and wrecks can be discovered all the time. Diving highlights are undoubtedly the opportunity to see the resident population of humpback whales but also includes encounters with manta rays and sperm whales. Huge schools of dolphin are often seen as well as green turtles. Giant oceanic manta rays, giant groupers, giant catfishandmobulas arecommon encountered. The islands boast a healthy marine life with awesome coral garden and you will see fish in their thousands.Hallaniyat Islands are an undiscovered diving region where you can expect everything!rn

November - December
Rays, giant catfish, mobulas, leopard shark, schools of jacks, barracudas, morays eels, honeycomb moray eels, nudibranchs and fish in the thousands. Giant oceanic manta rays can be encountered. Close to shore there is plenty of kelp with animal life nestled in there.

Visibility: 13 – 56 feet / 4 m - 17 m
Depth: 92 feet / 28 m
Water Temperature: 75 – 80 F / 24 - 27 C (thermoclines)
Current: medium and swell

January - March
Humpback whales can be encountered, hearing the sound of whales while diving, giant groupers, moray eels, honeycomb moray eels, dragon morays and thousands of colorful reef fishes.

Visibility: 16 – 65 feet / 5 - 20 m
Depth: 92 feet / 28 m
Water Temperature: 73 – 77 F / 23 - 25 C (thermoclines)
Current: less

Yellowfin, barracudas, schools of jacks, big rays, octopus, giant groupers, leopard sharks, milk fish, schools of dolphins and beautiful colorful reef fish in the thousands as well as Humpback whales.

Visibility: 39 – 130 feet / 12 - 40 m
Depth: 92 feet / 28 m
Water Temperature: 73 – 77 F / 23 - 25 C (thermoclines)
Current: strong

Best of Oman - Explorer-Adventure Trip (10 nights)

Daymaniyat Islands - Bandar Khayran - Fahal Island - Hallaniyat Islands
Sailing from Bandar Khayran to Hallaniyat Islands you will discover new dive sites with pristine corals, healthy marine life and wrecks in a nearly undiscovered diving region. Here you can expect everything!