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Diving Details:
  • Manta rays, whale sharks, dolphin, abundant reef fish life, multiple macro critters, Mola Mola, Mobulas, sharks and beautiful coral reef diving.
  • The visibility in Oman change change very quickly and be from 15 - 100 feet depending.
  • All dives from the yacht and 2 dive tenders that carry 11 divers each for quick access

  • Water temperature:
    71 - 80F, 22 - 25C due to thermoclines
  • 5 - 7 mm wetsuit recommended 
  • 7-night charters: up to 25 dives
  • 10-night charters: up to 35 dives
  • Age Limit - Must be at least 15 years of age
Up to 4 dives are offered each day.
Each tender can take up to 11 divers.  Most all dives are from the tenders.  One trip to shore is offered during the week.

Dive Tender Details:
  • Number of Tenders: 2

  • Length: 22 feet long x 9 feet wide.



The Jewels of Oman - Two Unique Itineraries to Choose From

Oman offers pristine reefs, stunning deserts, rugged mountain landscapes, green oases, endless beaches and friendly people for a scuba diving liveaboard trip. The Arabian Sea and Gulf of Oman provide large coral reefs in the the Daymaniyat Islands off the coast of Muscat and Hallaniyat Islands off the coast of Mirbat in southern Oman (Arabian Sea) as well as untouched and undiscovered reefs and wrecks.

When you're on an Aggressor Adventures Oman scuba diving liveaboard trip, you'll discover that the sea is full of fascinating life - whale sharks, humpback whales, sperm whales dolphins, manta rays, sharks, sea turtles, mobula, mola mola, moray eels, angelfish, stingrays, king mackerel, tuna, lobster, crayfish, and nudibranchs. More than 1000 different types of fish and shellfish call the Arabian Sea and Gulf of Oman home. Strict fishing conditions and large marine parks ensure that this valuable treasure is protected. (whale sharks, mola mola and manta rays may be seen on the Muscat itinerary only)

Oman Aggressor® Itineraries, Domestic Airports, Host Hotels, and Ports

The Al Mouj Marina and the Juweira Boutique Hotel/Marina are beautiful and safe communities with many fine restaurants and shops. We highly recommend arriving at least one day prior to your Oman scuba diving liveaboard trip and staying at our host hotels.

Getting There, Passports & Visa Documentation:

Oman is located off the south-eastern Arabian Peninsula and bordered by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia. Most major airlines fly to Oman and Dubai (DXB);  Emirates, Oman Air, Qatar Airways, United Airlines, Delta, Lufthansa, Swiss and British Airways. An overnight stay is usually required and highly recommended due to airline schedules. Guests will need to fly to the following airports the day before departure:

Muscat International Airport (MCT)
Salalah International  Airport (SLL)
Dubai (DXB)

Visitors must have a current passport, adequate funds to support themselves, and a return airline ticket. Visitors require a passport that must be valid for 6 months from date of entry. It is the travelers’ responsibility to ensure they have the proper visa to travel into each country on his or her itinerary as well as for re-entry and return to their country. Since regulations vary by country, contact your consulate or embassy of your country for the requirement.

Travel Advisory: We are unable to accept reservations from guests traveling on an Israeli passport but an Israeli stamp is okay.

Tourist E-Visa:  A tourist visa is required when entering Oman. You may log to the following website to purchase an E-Visa ESTA. https://evisa.rop.gov.om/voa  It takes 10 minutes to fill in and pay for online and is good for a 30 day stay in Oman. The airlines will want to see the printed and approved ESTA at check-in when flying to Oman.

Boarding starts at 03:00 pm. On Sunday morning the yacht departs. After 5 1/2 days of of scuba diving the Oman Aggressor returns to the Port. Check-out is Saturday morning at 8:00 am. Transportation is provided back to the host hotels or airport from the yacht at the end of the charter. Transportation is provided back to the Airport according the itinerary on Saturday morning.

USD 200 Park & Port Fee: Muscat, Salalah (7 night charters for diver/non diver)
USD 200 Park & Port Fee: Muscat - Salalah (10 night charter for diver/non diver)

For onboard services, sales, park and port fee and other items purchased onboard, the yacht accepts Visa and MC with a 4% fee for this service. The following currencies are accepted onboard:  US Dollars, Omany Rials, Euros and Sterling Pounds. Detailed information is available in our "Know Before You Go" document.

The Oman Aggressor® provides transportation from the host hotel to the yacht on the charter departure date with a pick up time of 3 pm for $35 USD per person one way. At the end of the charter on the departure date, transportation can be arranged for departure at 8 am from the yacht to the host hotel or airport for $35 USD per person one way.

Reservations are required for all transfers at least 14 days in advance. Transportation costs will be collected onboard the yacht at the end of the trip.

*Salalah itinerary: if you are staying at the Juweira Boutique Hotel, the yacht is docked in the marina and the hotel can help transfer your bags by golf cart at 3 pm to the yacht. A crew member will be available to assist at 3 pm if needed.

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